Starlite Diner
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Halloween at Starlite Diner
Starting on October 31st, each Starlite Diner will become a “House of Horrors” complete it with frightening decorations, scary music and devilish surprises.
How would you like to see your child's dish on Starlite Diner Kids menu?
Want to share this dish with everyone who visits Starlite Diner and showcase his or hers culinary talents? The Challenge is on now!
New Restaurant - Starlite Burger Express!
With over 18 years of successful operation, the Starlite Diner team has developed hundreds of dishes and served millions of guests! Today we are pleased to invite you to join us at our new concept, “Starlite Burger Express”. This is a “FAST CASUAL“ restaurant, which is conveniently located in the center of Moscow, at Novoslobodskaya Street, 45!

This concept will appeal to all those who value their time and want to dine quickly or be able to take away, in a convenient package, their favorite dishes in Starlite style!
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